Simplify your Land-Surveying missions

ATLAN GEO are high-endurance autonomous drones, capable of flying beyond the horizon to deliver perfectly exploitable results in a fraction of the time at a lower cost.

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Construction & Infrastructure

  • Simplify and speed up perimeter Mapping
  • Ensure asset management and site inspections
  • Support marketing with aerial shots and 3D models
  • Monitor construction progress, quality, and accuracy
  • Get accurate volumetric calculation of stockpile estimations

Research & Science

  • Learn how to control the drone easily
  • Attach custom payloads; cameras, sensors…
  • Capture and measure data using your own sensors
  • Classify, segment, and analyze data,
  • Train and use your own detection models

Mining & Exploration

  • Simplify terrain mapping and exploration
  • Automate Inventory management
  • Get highly accurate stockpile measurements
  • Enhance security and situational awareness
  • Insure infrastructure and compliance inspection

They support us

We support you with the administrative procedure of importing
your ATLAN Space drone in Morocco and accompany you in the
acquisition of your first flight authorization.

Overcome the limitations
of predetermined flight planning

The embedded AI technology plans for the optimal route, autonomously monitors variables like weather, battery consumption, and mission time during the flight and adjusts flight plan accordingly.

Take full advantage of your drone’s long endurance

ATLAN GEO covers larger areas in a few flights per mission; Undertake bigger projects in less time and get higher quality aerial shots.
+ 0 Ha/flight
Linear distance :
0 Km/flight
Continuous flight :
0 hours
drone photogrammetry

Adapt the accuracy to your needs and maintain
it over large areas

ATLAN GEO features 2 multi-band GPS receivers with different antennas for real time accuracy in most use cases. It can be combined with static GPS data for increased centimeter level accuracy.

You can make the most of both real-time awareness and beyond visual line of sight flight mode which in return eliminates the need to change location every time, and reduces landing, data checks, and mission do-overs.

Multi-base RTK+PPK

Get data with
Higher definition

In addition to delivering highly accurate photogrammetry data in fewer take-offs, the embedded AI processes data in real-time and alternates route plans to eliminate post-processing delays caused by Black areas, GSD variations and problematic elevations.
0 Ha/h
At 0 cm/px GSD

Unprecedented RGB data acquisition rate of 150Mpx

Get to Know

Whether it is basic mapping of a region or surveys of hard-to-reach places,
you can now undertake large projects that were previously difficult to achieve
safely using ATLAN GEO.

Your operators will know how to deploy
ATLAN GEO in just a few days of online training

Award winning software

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